About TheEnergyFix.com

The mission of TheEnergyFix.com, as an information and advocacy organization, is to create public awareness about renewable energy and the transition to a smart grid.

The Visionaries

In 2010, TheEnergyFix was managed by a journalist in the space of renewable energy, and energy policy. The site has been featured on various top-tier publications and websites, such as Fast Company, NRDC, Greenbiz, Energy.gov, and more.

TheEnergyFix has been a leader in the space on energy education since it’s early days and continues that legacy today.

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Meet our Management Team

Carlos Huerta – Author

Electrical Engineer with a background in solar PV designs for residential and commercial projects as well as power systems development. Fan of renewable energy topics and projects. Technical writer for papers, articles, and research in related topics to sustainability and especially solar power. Follow Carlos on LinkedIn.