Energy Technical Analysis Reports

Data is king. You’ve heard that before in almost every industry. For the energy industry though, data truly is king. The power grid, being the largest network of connected devices in the world, flows petabytes of data every day from smart meters, SCADA systems, and other such technologies.

To understand the impact new technologies, business models, and regulations can make to achieve a 24/7 100% clean power grid, this data needs to be analyzed via proper scientific approaches.

Data analysts and scientists at TheEnergyFix utilize their skills to provide free open-access to technical analysis of various aspects of the power grid including renewable energy integration, energy storage, electric vehicles, new energy technologies, and much more.

Our reports include the following:

  • Data sources: we will cite each data source whether public or private
  • Data analysis tools: we use open-source analysis tools such as Python’s Jupyter Notebook, Pandas, NumPy, among others
  • Cite-able resources: resources (e.g., journal papers) will be provided for further analysis
  • Figures: data will be translated to visual graphics to allow easier digestion
  • Author biographies: background information of each author involved in the project will be provided