9 Apr 2016

FAST FIX: 20 of these economies are growing while their CO2 emissions are falling

Written by Jim Pierobon

It’s called “decoupling” and climate-change deniers don’t want to hear it or talk about it. Here’s to anyone who can get them to at least acknowledge it.

Newly aggregated data compiled by the World Resources Institute show that countries such as the U.S., France, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom and 15 others reduced their carbon dioxide emissions from 2000 to 2014 while managing to grow their economies.

So here is more proof that climate mitigation through cleaner energy, transportation and other energy efficiencies, sustainable buildings and smarter grids — while retiring aging, dirty coal-fired power plants — are building increasingly robust economies. The result is a cleaner environment we all can make a living on.

Below is WRI’s table summarizing the data, drawn from BP’s Annual Statistical Review of World Energy 2015 and the World Bank’s World Development Indicators:

WRI's decoupling table countries carbon, April 2016

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