19 Nov 2013

Fast Fix: Opower’s 5 Universal Truths About Utility Customers – Do You Agree?

Written by Jim Pierobon

Customer Service Week hosted a discussion this morning with Opower‘s VP-Analytics Nancy Hersch and Customer Insights Senior Manager Lauren Llewellyn about five truths about utility customers the company is finding in its quantitative and qualitative research.

Since early 2012, Opower has reached beyond North America conducting this research, working now with 90+ utilities around the globe. Opower claims it has helped utilities cumulatively save more than 3 terrawatt hours of electricity.

Of the five that follow, which ones hit the mark? And what’s missing?

The five are:

  1. Utilities are not meetingĀ  customer expectations. There is a large gap between customers’ expectations and what utilities are delivering through their billing and customer service operations.
  2. Sure, everyone would like lower bills, but they’re also looking for steps they can take to achieve that.
  3. While many customers may not like their utilities, they DO look to them first for guidance on how to save energy and lower their bills.
  4. Customers value insights about how they use energy in their homes. Many also would like to see recommendations on reduction tactics delivered through the channels they choose followed up by reports about the progress they’re making, or not.
  5. Just about everyone is at least curious about how their usage measures up to other homes, especially those with similar housing types in their neighborhoods.

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