14 Nov 2012

FAST FIX: How the Smart Grid can save households almost $600 per year

Written by Jim Pierobon

If you need to quickly grasp the potential and benefits of the emerging smart grid in the U.S., this infographic is the best effort yet.  It comes courtesy of the Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative and its 90+ member utilities, technology companies, non-profits, regulators and consumers advocates.

Increasing the power grid’s efficiency by 9% equates to saving more than 400 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity each year. Here are other ways to explain it, based on data from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory:

  • Nearly $600 in direct bill energy savings for the average household, each year.
  • One could drive an electric car 1.7 trillion miles (that’s right, trillion). Careful, this would likely void the warranty.
  • Several lifetimes’ worth of air travel from JFK airport in New York city to Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris — in first-class no less.
  • The estimated value of savings to society at large is $48 billion five years after full deployment and $102 billion after 30 years.

You can download the infographic here.

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