20 Jul 2012

FAST FIX: Protests to Arctic Drilling Getting More Creative — and More Viral

Written by theenergyfix

Leave it to Greenpeace to find more satirical ways to protest drilling in Arctic regions. In one of its latest ploys, Greenpeace took over a billboard to reach motorists heading into downtown Houston near Shell’s U.S. headquarters, not exactly a fertile environment for anti-drilling activists.

Greenpeace billboard near downtown Houston and Shell’s U.S. headquarters says: “You can’t run your SUV on Cute. Let’s Go.” CREDIT: Johnny Hanson/Houston Chronicle

But that billboard (left) and others like throughout the U.S. may seem milk toast compared to actions in England, Holland, Germany and other countries. The Guardian reported some protesters in England, used an emergency-shut-off switch to halt flowing gasoline and then removing a fuse to keep it from coming back to life.

Greenpeace, the Yes Lab and members of the Occupy Wall Street movement staged an elaborate — but fake — Arctic drilling celebration in May at Seattle’s Space Needle, complete with a derrick-shaped drink dispenser that spewed dark oil-like liquid all over a guest. A video of the hoax went viral on YouTube, steering millions of viewers to the fake Shell “Arctic Ready” website.

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