21 Jun 2012

FAST FIX: Score a win for Supermodel Elle Macpherson over OK Sen. James Inhofe

Written by Jim Pierobon

Supermodel Elle Macpherson. CREDIT: Wikimedia Commons

The Senate has voted 53-46 to defeat Republican Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe’s bid to halt the U.S. EPA restrictions of mercury and air toxic emissions standards (aka MATS) from coal-fired power plants.

While not all, or even most of the credit goes to celebrities such as supermodel Elle Macpherson (photo), it certainly didn’t hurt that she and others spoke out against it on various media platforms, with help from the Sierra Club and other activists.

From her CNN.com op-ed:

“The United States is the last place I’d expect to see politicians roll back public-health protections that are already in place. That’s why I’m working with the Sierra Club to raise awareness and encourage people to take action by contacting their senators and asking them to support keeping the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards intact.”

See all of her op-ed opposing the MATS rollback here.

You can find Sen. Inhofe’s proposed legislation, a similar version of which has been brewing in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives, here.

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