19 Sep 2011

THIS is the way to crystallize the risks of dirty power – kudos to American Lung Association

Written by energyscout

“Log on to LungUSA.org and tell Washington: ‘Don’t weaken the Clean Air Act’ ” is the closing appeal from this 30-second TV commercial running this week at least in the Washington, DC market.  It follows audio of an infant coughing and wheezing in a red stroller / carriage on the National Mall, in a Congressional office building and then on the steps of the U.S. Capitol (below) .

It serves as an excellent example of spotlighting the risks of rolling back regulations that serve to protect human health and, in effect, help clear the way for cleaner sources of electric power.

This is the closing image of the American Lung Association TV commercial trying to stop the roll back of the Clean Air Act. Credit: American Lung Association

What it does NOT do is rely on individuals trying to make sense of the deep green appeals by Al Gore’s “Climate Reality Project” , including the September 14-15, 2011 “24 Hours of Reality.”

This campaign and others like it make it too difficult for people who are willing to engage about climate change to connect the dots. And they’re just not buying the eco-catastrophe he implies is virtually around the corner.

K-I-S-S people on the fence about climate change and cleaner energy: Keep It Simple Stupid!

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