13 Sep 2011

FAST FIX: Cialdini’s 6 Rules of Influence — Smart Grid marketers take note

Written by Jim Pierobon

One of the most widely respected researchers of human behavior,Robert Cialdini, asserts there are six rules of influence when reaching out to the public.  They may have a lot to contribute to effectively engaging utility ratepayers and consumers about using energy more wisely through smart grid applications.

Cialdini serves on the Scientific Advisory Board of OPOWER as its Chief Scientist.

1. Reciprocation: Reciprocation is about how, if you do something for somebody, they will feel obliged to do something for you, or they will at least feel better about doing something for you.

2. Commitment and consistency: People respond to others who are consistent in their messages. If you are constantly giving the same messages to people and acting in a consistent way, they will respond positively.

3. Social proof: If people see others doing something, they will assume that it must be okay to do it themselves.

4. Liking: People respond more readily to people whom they like, and even to the friends of people they like. They feel comfortable if they see similarity or like the things that you’re associated with.

5. Authority: People invariably act more positively if they have respect for the authority of the person who is giving them information.

6. Scarcity: People get so much more interested in something if they feel that it’s about to run out.

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