12 Sep 2011

FAST FIX: These residents in the Southeast and Midwest U.S. DO want to combat climate change

Written by Jim Pierobon

Large majorities of African Americans in Arkansas, Indiana, Missouri and South Carolina believe that everyone — including governments and individuals — can do something to reduce the impact of climate change. This according to research by the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies:

“Consistent with African Americans nationally, black adults in the four states said they are willing to pay more for electricity to combat global warming, with strong majorities in all four states willing to pay and extra $10 per month to fight global warming . . . between 27% and 32% were willing to pay an additional $25 per month, and about one-in-six an additional $50 per month.”

So combating climate change is not just popular on the U.S. East and West coasts.

Source: Opinion of African Americans on Climate Change: The View from Arkansas, Indiana, Missouri and South Carolina. Chart from page 24.

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