26 Aug 2011

Pepco customers in Washington, DC area: listen and laugh to this before Hurricane Irene wipes out power

Written by Jim Pierobon

If you live in Washington, DC or the close-in Maryland counties, treat yourself to this melody by the “Morning Majority House Band”  on WMAL 630 AM radio about an extended power outage likely to wipe out electricity for area Pepco customers due to Hurricane Irene.

Even if you don’t live there, read and listen and laugh. And share with everyone you know on the U.S. East Coast BEFORE the lights go out!

It is written to Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Bad Moon Rising” which includes the lyrics “I hear, a hurricane’s a blowin” and “I see earthquakes and lightnin”.

Want the customized lyrics? TheEnergyFix delivers them to you below, courtesy of Brian Wilson and the WMAL morning drive time team.


Before the lights go out along the US East Coast, a rendition of this song by Creedence Clearwater Revival should bring smiles to preparations for what could be a lengthy power outage. Credit: WMAL radio and Credence Clearwater Revival

“Pepco Crisis” performed by WMAL morning host Brian Wilson and the Morning Majority Party Band, with a guest appearance by Montgomery County, MD Council member George Leventhal

I see hurricanes a comin’

Looks like there’s trouble on the way

Pepco says power will be runnin’

Don’t you believe a word they say


‘Cause there won’t be no lights

For half-a-dozen nights

When Pepco says everything’s alright

Pepco says everything is better

Pepco says everything is fine

But two drops of slightly raining weather

Brings down a bunch of power lines


(Guest appearance by George Leventhal / Montgomery County Council Member at Large)

Hope you got a generator

Enough gas to last you for a week

Hook up your mini ‘fridgerator

A light bulb to find the basement leak



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