28 May 2011

Tracking REAL MPGs is getting easier and more accurate

Written by theenergyfix

With the release of the new fuel economy labels by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy, inquiring motorists are learning about the online tools to track and interpret the actual miles per gallon of the vehicles they drive. Registering for a “Garage” account here sets drivers up to record for each fuel purchase:

Look for this icon from the EPA at their new MPG tracking tool online

1. odometer reading

2. gallons purchased

3. cost

4. % of highway and stop-and-go driving

5. other factors, e.g. use of air conditioning

At a minimum, what and how motorists drive will help them grasp how efficient, or not, their vehicles AND driving styles are. It will also crystallize the value of higher MPG-rated vehicles, as well as, hybrids and all-electric vehicles for younger generations of drivers more receptive to this data.

Now anybody who has wanted to track their MPGs has been able to do so. But these online tools and the opt-in aggregation of the data signals access to fresh information heretofore unavailable.

Will it persuade most macho drivers to think twice about how they drive and their next purchase? Probably not. But any gasoline price above $3 a gallon should should help this data resonate. And that could save money and help reduce emissions of harmful greenhouse gases.

$3 a gallon. Wouldn’t we like to be paying that again sometime soon!








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