27 Apr 2011

Never mind. Boehner backs away from reassessing oil subsidies

Written by theenergyfix

You won’t find this easily in media reports and certainly not on the House Speaker’s web site. But you can find Boehner backpedaling about his comments Monday that oil companies are partly to blame for high gasoline prices and that oil tax breaks are “certainly something we should be looking at” here on WSJ.com.

Boehner in Monday's interview on ABC News, via HuffingtonPost.com

Mr. Boehner’s office has since backed away from that statement. A Boehner spokesman said doing such would “simply raise taxes and increase the price at the pump.”

What? Raise taxes by eliminating tax breaks? Now that’s a curious spin if we ever heard of one.

President Obama Tuesday urged Congress to eliminate “unwarranted” tax breaks — not all tax breaks mind you — for oil companies. Too bad Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was a bit late to the party. According to POLITICO, he told reporters Wednesday he would schedule a procedural vote¬† on oil subsidies “as soon as I can do it.”

This political ‘window’ just slammed shut.¬† TheEnergyFix apologizes for this distraction.

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