30 Mar 2011

U.S. Marines now have their own energy strategy, led by self-sufficiency

Written by theenergyfix

The first-ever U.S. Marine Corps energy strategy serves as a model not just for the U.S. armed forces but for the cultural sea-change needed to reduce the growing risks, skyrocketing costs and the number of lives sacrificed due to America’s dependency on fossil fuels.

A new ethos that equates the efficient use of energy (including renewable sources) and water with increased combat effectiveness is spreading throughout this division of the U.S. Navy which itself is leading the U.S. military into these uncharted waters.

Flexible solar panel arrays serves as tents and supply electricity. Credit: ModernMarineCorps.com

James F. Amos, General. U.S. Marine Corps and Commandant of the Marine Corps, introduces the new “Bases to Battlefield” strategy by acknowledging that the Marines’  “growing demand for liquid logistics comes at a price. By tethering our operations to vulnerable supply lines, it degrades our expeditionary capabilities and ultimately puts Marines at risk. To maintain our lethal edge, we must change the way we use energy.”

General Amos asserts the Marines “will aggressively pursue innovative solutions to reduce energy demand in our platforms and systems, increase self-sufficiency in our sustainment, and reduce our expeditionary foot print on the battlefield. We are a nation at war, and our Marines and Sailors in combat are our number one priority.

Read the 104-page Expeditionary Energy Strategy and Implementation Plan here.

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