28 Mar 2011

U.S. EPA monitors showing Fukushima radiation reaching Pennsylvania, Massachusetts

Written by energyscout

Radiation montor in San Francisco. Credit: BayCitizen.org

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has issued the following notice of higher-than-normal background radiation detected in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts:

“As a result of the incident with the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan, several EPA air monitors have detected very low levels of radioactive material in the United States consistent with estimates from the damaged nuclear reactors. These detections were expected and the levels detected are far below levels of public-health concern.

Elevated levels of radioactive material in rainwater have been expected as a result of the nuclear incident after the events in Japan since radiation is known to travel in the atmosphere. There have been reports received that the states of Pennsylvania and Massachusetts have seen elevated levels of radiation in recent precipitation events. EPA is reviewing this data – however, in both cases these are levels above the normal background levels historically reported in these areas.”

When does this dictate a pro-active public response by the U.S. government and affected states — not just posting data on a web site that citizens have to search for?

The Wall Street Journal is reporting Monday night that higher-than-normal levels also are being detected in North Carolina.

Follow EPA’s monitoring of the Japanese nuclear emergency here.


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