21 Mar 2011

U.S. Clean Energy Standard – chime in by April 11

Written by theenergyfix

U.S. Senate Energy Committee Chairman Jeff Bingaman, D-NM, and Ranking Member Lisa Murkowski of Alaska are soliciting comments on  potential design elements of a Clean Energy Standard (CES).

Senators Jeff Bingaman and Lisa Murkowski. Credit: Yahoo! News

A white paper with instructions and forms for submitting responses to six questions can be found on the Senate Energy Committee’s website here.

Deadline for responses is Monday, April 11, 2011.

On the dedicated web site, you will find this preface and background:

“In his recent State of the Union address, President Obama proposed a Clean Energy Standard (CES) to require that 80 percent of the nation’s electricity come from clean energy technologies by 2035. The Senate Energy and Natural Resources (ENR) Committee now faces a threshold question of what the general policy goals for the electric sector are and whether a CES would most effectively achieve them. Is the goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, lower electricity costs, spur utilization of particular assets, diversify supply, or some combination thereof?             Depending on the goals, is a CES the right policy for the nation at this time? If so, is 80 percent

“Data from the Energy Information Administration (EIA) indicates that in 2010, domestic electricity generation was comprised of about 20 percent from nuclear power plants, 10 percent from renewable energy power plants (hydropower, wind, solar, geothermal and biomass), 25 percent from natural gas power plants, and 45 percent from coal power

If clean energy were defined as renewable and nuclear energy only, then the United States would currently be obtaining 30 percent of its electricity from clean sources. If efficient natural gas (e.g. combined cycle) were included as well – and awarded “half credits” in accordance with the President CES proposal – the United States would currently be obtaining 40 percent of its electricity from clean sources.


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