5 Jan 2011

‘Revenge of the Electric Car’ coming to a theatre near you?

Written by Jim Pierobon

They’re back, or coming soon. The makers of the indie film “Who Killed the Electric Car” are preparing to roll out “Revenge of the Electric Car” to herald the resurgence of EVs. If you want to be among the first to see it this  spring or summer,  register for updates on their web site

The timing might not be better as automakers, especially GM and Nissan, begin tapping the EV market with the Volt and Leaf respectively. Director Chris Paine (left, courtesy of WaveGround IT News) is earning mostly positive accolades for the documentary. Requests are streaming in from around the world to show it.  

A lot is changing. When Paine filmed “Who Killed the Electric Car”, GM wanted no part of it. Not this time around. He recently told Mother Nature Network: “It’s really funny, but when we made that film, we were locked out of GM. We filmed outside the Hamtramck (Michigan) plant, unable to even get in and do an interview. And now here we are, six or seven years later, inside the plant and on the line as electric cars are being made. A lot has changed.”

Paine explained to the The New York Times: “2011 and 2012 are critical years for the electric car.  The game is on, and I’d like to see the new film help get us off oil and build momentum for the new generation of cars. I’d like it to be part of the big change.”

Watch the trailer.

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