19 Nov 2010

A tribute to Rachel Carson and her book, “Silent Spring”

Written by Jim Pierobon

Silver Spring, MD's own Rachel Carson

Perhaps because  Rachel Carson (photo) wrote the epic book (photo) that launched the modern-day environmental and renewable energy movement — “Silent Spring” — and lived in Silver Spring, MD, USA — the home town of TheEnergyFix founder Jim Pierobon — I urge you to read her book and watch at least Chapter 4 of the 17 “American Experience |Earth Day” chapters by Maryland Public Television.

Together, as we approach the 40th anniversary of the creation of the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (Dec. 2), they provide invaluable context to the challenges — and opportunities — modern day science, industry and politics collectively face in sustaining our environment, economy and collective well-being.

Where would ‘green’ initiatives be today without this book by Carson in 1962? It quickly became a best seller and was printed in more than 30 languages.

Be sure to catch early in the video statements by each President going back to John F. Kennedy asserting the imperative of reducing pollution, accelerating development of renewable energy and reducing our addiction to oil.

As then-President George Herbert Walker Bush said, “we borrow the environment from our children.”

Rachel Carson died in 1964 . . . of cancer.

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