21 Oct 2010

Meet Thor, the braintrust of Portland General Electric’s green prowess

Written by Jim Pierobon

Thor Hinckley is a unique professional in the utility ‘space,” a few of whom will be featured here intermittently on TheEnergyFix.com. Amid a sea of investor-owned, municipal and rural cooperative utilities lurching into “green power” and renewable energy programs, Hinckley stands out as the 24/7 driving force behind Portland General Electric’s enormously successful renewable powers. Collectively, the programs, which currently serve more than 75,000 residential and business renewable customer accounts, are models for other utilities to learn from and to emulate.

Hinckley spearheaded development of PGE’s “Renewable Future” program which has become the nation’s fastest selling renewable energy offering for residential customers. Renewable Future includes Clean Wind, one of the nation’s leading renewable power programs for medium to large businesses. For his cutting-edge outreach efforts, he received a “Green Power Pioneer” award from the Center for Resource Solutions at this week’s annual Renewable Energy Markets Conference. The award spotlights continuous achievement, vision and dedication to green power.

A deep appreciation for the environment makes Portland, Oregon fertile ground for green power marketers.

Both in his private and public life, Thor seeks connection with diverse organizations and individuals in an effort to build momentum for the limitless potential of renewable energy. His hard work and dedication to the cause has contributed to the reputation of the Pacific Northwest as a national leader for building a renewable future.

Thor Hinkley was born during a fierce Wisconsin thunderstorm on a Thursday, which derives from the Scandinavian word for Thor's day.

Thor’s advice to utilities that do not yet have any type of green power program: just offering one can boost your customer satisfaction ratings, regardless of participation levels. That said, a well-designed and marketed program earns measurable dividends beyond that.

“Behind every successful organization are outstanding people, whose passion for clean energy is contagious. Thor Hinckley deserves the highest recognition for his dedication to making Portland General Electric among the most successful renewable power programs in the nation,” said Arthur O’Donnell, executive director, Center for Resource Solutions.

VIDEO: see Thor articulate what he’s most proud of and offer additional advice to green marketers at utilities.

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  1. Dennis Mullan's GravatarDennis Mullan
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    Hi Thor…can you please give me a call, I’d like to talk to yopu about how you do your coupon book for your green power customers. Thanks,

    Dennis Mullan
    GreenCurrents Program Manager
    DTE Energy

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