19 Oct 2010

Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative – Up To the Task?

Written by Jim Pierobon

Lip service, that’s what many Smart Grid industry experts in the U.S. agree is what utilities, vendors and governments have been giving to the potential for smart meters and interconnected information systems to boost energy efficiency and renewable generation and lower carbon emissions. Maybe the lip service can become a productive conversation.

Enter the Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative. Launched earlier this year by Control4, General Electric, IBM and the GridWise Alliance, among others, this is one dialogue that is not just important to the evolution of smart grids, it is integral for them and all stakeholders.

As previous posts here at TheEnergyFix from this week’s GridWeek 2010 conference have documented, consumer education has been sorely neglected. Can the Collaborative and Executive Director Jesse Berst rise to the task?

Watch thisĀ  short video — link below — of Contro4’s Susan Cashen articulating the path forward for the Collaborative. Their immediate next step is to brainstorm October 27, 2010 in San Francisco to develop a graphic icon to help package their educational outreach. Comments and suggestions for the Collaborative are welcome here at TheEnergyFix.

VIDEO: Control4’s Susan Cashen: from ‘forgetting about’ to ’empowering’ the consumer

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