18 Oct 2010

Measuring Smart Grid Benefits – Here’s EPRI’s Approach

Written by Jim Pierobon

The Electric Power Research Institute has just released a protocol for measuring the highly touted benefits of applications that make the operation of power grids more effective and efficient. It’s a survey developed with the Galvin Electricity Initiative to assess the development and deployment of Smart Grid projects worldwide.

EPRI's illustration of a smart grid: when will a significant number of energy users get it?

The survey identifies leaders in Smart Grid advancement, key applications, drivers in developing a Smart Grid project, and lessons learned from Smart Grid initiatives, with emphasis on the integration of distributed energy resources with grid operation. Anyone interested in learning lessons, not jumping the ‘starting’ gun and helping ensure consumers empowerment should keep one eye on what this survey can produce.  It’s free and only 2+ megabyte download so there is no excuse for vendors, utilities, consumer advocates and consultants not knowing what this community can digest together.

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