4 Sep 2010

Enviros in retreat – George Will chimes in

Written by Jim Pierobon

George Will joins the chorus line dissing enviros for missing the opportunity to score climate / energy legislature during Obama’s two years with strong Democratic majorities in both the House and Senate. Like it or not, some of what he says is true.

George Will, photo courtesy of The Washington Post

I don’t concur, as her asserts in this Sunday’s Washington Post op-ed page that environmental leaders are “cluelessly unrealistic as to be clinically insane.” But it IS time to re-strategize with the private sector and market forces front-of-mind.

A tax on carbon would be a quick, efficient fix but in this economic environment and with Big Coal, Big Oil and Big Nuclear dolling out huge campaign contributions and TV ads, that ain’t gonna happen.

Let’s begin with the Sleeping Giant of the Clean Energy Space: Energy Efficiency and Smarter Appliances.

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