30 Aug 2010

Is Obama backpedaling on emissions reductions and clean energy?

Written by Jim Pierobon

It took almost two months for inquiring minds to discover it, but since then questions abound:  what should be made of the text changes this summer on the White House web pages devoted to energy and the environment regarding clean energy spurred by a limit on greenhouse gas emissions?

As first unearthed by the Breakthrough Institute, a section of the President’s clean climate agenda entitled “Closing the Carbon Loophole and Cracking Down on Polluters” was eliminated in June.  Obama had offered to protect American consumers, promote U.S. competitiveness and spend $150 billion over 10 years on “energy research and development to transition to a clean energy economy.”

While the President has accomplished much legislatively on health care, banking and for an economic recovery, not so on energy and climate outside of the stimulus programs.

How much energy is left in Obama’s energy agenda? Has the stubborn recession taken ALL of the wind out his sails — even after the coal mine explosion and miners’ deaths in West Virginia; the oil well blowout and workers’ deaths in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico; and the oil pipeline leak in Michigan? It is hard to believe that in just about ANY other year, these events would have helped spurred action. And to think it could have been accomplished with Democrats controlling the White House AND Congress.

And this: see this assessment by The Washington Post Auguust 30, 2010 on how environmental activists are licking their wounds and trying to figure our what to do next.

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