Benefits of an independent safety center for oil and gas hydraulic fracturing

If safety truly is a priority for companies producing oil and gas using hydraulic fracturing, they should match their words with genuine safeguards that the public and regulators could see and understand. The nuclear industry has long been working to improve safety of utility-owned nuclear power plants under the auspices of the Institute of Nuclear […]

New nuclear era begins in U.S. after approval of Vogtle plant in Georgia – but questions remain

How much “new” nuclear and how soon? Those are the front-of-mind questions for nuclear and many cleaner energy advocates with today’s U.S. government approval of the construction and operation of two new nuclear power reactors by Southern Company in Georgia using the “AP1000″ design by Westinghouse. The quick answer appears to be: a total of […]

How much more full-on radiation sickness after Japan’s earthquakes and tsunami?

The potential meltdown of one or more nuclear power reactors in the tragic wake of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan proves once again how difficult it is to assess and prepare for a disasters that can affect nuclear facilities and the residents living close by. Around 7 p.m. EST U.S., The New York Times […]