New sensible efforts are raising the bar for safer, more transparent hydraulic fracturing

The ‘voices’ in the moderate center that have been drowned out in the increasingly inflammatory debate over the hydraulic fracturing of shale natural gas are getting a growing cadre of credible allies. And with them may come a sensible way to prudently capitalize on the enormous deposits of shale gas throughout parts of the U.S. […]

Solar-powered, net-zero energy homes demonstrate mainstream appeal at U.S. Solar Decathlon

Led by the University of Maryland and Purdue University, the 2011 version of the U.S. Solar Decathlon demonstrated how high-tech energy and common sense are going mainstream, all while zeroing out electricity consumption from the grid. Every step of the way participating students — and perhaps elected officials — garnered valuable lessons for the U.S. […]

Strategic Petroleum Reserve: leak risk complicates draw down options

Oil prices bump up over $100 per barrel and here come the mounting, knee-jerk, calls to draw down a portion of the 726 million barrels of crude oil stored in salt caverns in Texas and Louisiana. If they think the unrest in Libya is an emergency deserving of a draw-down, they’d better check their grasp […]

2011 U.S. Solar Decathlon staying on National Mall – sort of

The U.S. government is relocating its 2011 Solar Decathlon to the West Potomac Park between the Tidal Basin and the Potomac River in Washington, DC. Technically it will still take place on the National Mall. But now it will be a very long walk from its previous and far more convenient location nestled among the […]