Tax toxins – not carbon dioxide – from coal-fired power plants

Buried inside Robert Bryce’s relatively new book entitled Power Hungry is a call to “aggressively pursue taxes or caps on the emissions of neurotoxins, particularly those that come from burning coal” to generate electricity such as mercury and lead. This is notable not because Bryce agrees with many environmental and human health experts, but also […]

Never mind. Boehner backs away from reassessing oil subsidies

You won’t find this easily in media reports and certainly not on the House Speaker’s web site. But you can find Boehner backpedaling about his comments Monday that oil companies are partly to blame for high gasoline prices and that oil tax breaks are “certainly something we should be looking at” here on Mr. […]

It’s about time: GOP House leader Boehner signals willingness to cut oil, coal subsidies

EDITORIAL The move by U.S. House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner to thrust $3.6 billion in annual tax breaks benefiting producers of fossil fuels represents a possible sea-change in the nation’s energy priorities. Boehner’s comments in an interview on ABC News Monday night could reduce the huge gap between subsidies for oil, coal and natural […]