Spinning “Promised Land” to move the ‘needle’ for — or against — fracking

One thing Matt Damon and colleagues are accomplishing with the new movie “Promised Land” about hydraulic fracturing is to increase the public’s understanding — even if just a little bit — of the controversial drilling technique which flushes natural gas to the surface from shale rock formations deep underground. But that’s about it. Advocates of […]

Shale gas producers’ first stabs at ‘standards’ & ‘practices’: how much do they reduce accident risk?

That’s at least one question on this blogger’s mind. One cannot help but note the absence of “best practices” because, well, they aren’t, at least not yet. Can they be? I, for one, am willing to believe the industry CAN produce bonafide best practices. But there needs to be sufficient input from from a variety […]

How a company fracks for natural gas determines its corporate social responsibility

As energy producers find more natural gas from shale formations throughout the U.S. and the price of natural gas continues to fall it should be no surprise that a debate looms over how a company fracks for natural gas and whether it is socially responsible. On its face, with sufficient operational and risk controls in […]

Opinions very widely over efforts to explain shale gas drilling to landowners, lawmakers in U.S.

PITTSBURGH, Pa. — Two-hundred and ten truck trips, 3-4 million gallons of water and noticeable degradation of rural roads. Those are typical metrics for a natural gas well that needs hydraulic fracturing to unleash embedded U.S. shale deposits deep underground. Together they can make for a very tough sell to area landowners, lawmakers and regulators. […]