Natural gas and renewables – a political AND energy fix this time around?

Put these pieces of America’s, if not the world’s, energy puzzle together and one could see a political AND energy fix combining a lot more natural gas-fueled transportation along with renewable sources of electricity and electric vehicles. As U.S. gasoline prices lurch toward $5 per gallon and Americans are reminded this ‘Earth Week’ of the […]

Obama asking for 80% of America’s electricity from ‘clean energy’ by 2035

And 1 million electric vehicles on the road by 2015? We all heard President Obama lay out his ‘ask’ during tonight’s (January 25) State of the Union address. Without a fresh plan, new-age thinking by Congress and incentives for private companies to make cleaner energy, this is likely to be yet another request DOA. Said […]

NRG’s bid for an electric vehicle charging ecosystem – in Houston

Green visionaries and policy makers can have a chicken-or-the-egg-type debate for 30 more years about how best to develop a practical electric vehicle (EV) industry and infrastructure (vehicles or the charging stations?) Or company can stick its neck out and launch a privately-funded EV ecosystem. Well that’s precisely what NRG is doing, in Houston of all places. Under the […]