Virtual generation and demand response: how Constellation Energy finds energy where there wasn’t any

As operators for regional power grids such as PJM Interconnection begin to roll out more robust demand-response programs, the private sector is responding with software products that can save energy for large commercial and industrial consumers and help utilities avoid brownouts and perhaps even blackouts. One of the emerging leaders in this space — Constellation […]

Exelon’s bid for Constellation Energy: how real is the pledge to efficiency, EV’s and renewable energy in Maryland?

In the press release announcing its planned $7.9 billion acquisition of Baltimore, Maryland-based Constellation Energy, Chicago-based Exelon promised to spend $64 million over several years to spur energy efficiency, electric vehicle and renewable energy initiatives in Maryland. When pressed for details this week about one of the largest U.S. utility mergers ever, however, company spokesman […]

Nuclear power’s renaissance retrenching, may be over

If the much ballyhooed renaissance of nuclear power is going to happen, it cannot take many more hits such as those the industry is witnessing on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland and in Wall Street models projecting future costs. Ever since¬†Constellation Energy opted¬†out of its part ownership of the Calvert Cliffs nuclear […]

Nuclear plant closures & indefinite delays – the growing tally

During the past few months alone, three of America’s largest nuclear power plant operators — Exelon, Dominion and Constellation Energy — have announced they are either closing a nuclear generating station early or not continuing their immediate pursuit Federal loan guarantees needed to make the economics work for “next generation” plants they’ve been contemplating. The […]

Smart Grid Stakes Are High for Baltimore Gas & Electric and Its Customers

Baltimore Gas & Electric has made admirable strides plotting, researching and testing smarter grid applications (see p. 18) backed by a promise from the U.S. Department of Energy to help deployment with a $200 million “Stimulus” grant. But the utility made one miscalculation early in 2010, at least in the eyes of Maryland’s Public Service […]