Phase-out of wind production tax credit could help secure its extension

Amid the lame-duck rush to conclude the 112th Congress, the proposed extension of the 10-year wind energy production tax credit, or PTC, is one of the two big energy issues President Obama has to juggle as he prepares for his second term and tries to keep the U.S. economy from falling off the ‘fiscal cliff’. […]

Boulder, Colorado faces more hurdles trying to ‘divorce’ Xcel Energy; real negotiations now begin

It’s hardly a done ‘deal’ but a band of citizens in Boulder, Colorado have taken the biggest step toward dismissing Xcel Energy as the city’s electricity utility. The main reasons is a yearning to garner more power from renewable sources and reduce carbon emissions more quickly. But a bungled smart grid experiment two years ago […]

Communities finding ways to go solar – together

Groups of solar-savvy Americans are finding ways to buy into a solar electric system by using power-purchase agreements, remote metering and other tools to supply power to a community organization. In a growing number of cases where these systems produce more power than the facility needs, they can earn a credit the net additional amount […]