Actions speaking louder than advocacy: Microsoft programming for profit with carbon neutrality

The number of companies taking tangible steps to prepare for and prosper in a lower-carbon economy is growing — even absent a national carbon tax or cap-and-trade regime.  Their actions speak much louder than the hyperbole that many advocates are using to argue for and against paying for carbon emissions. One of the most instructive […]

Fast Fix: The public list of companies preparing for a carbon tax keeps growing, but . . .

UPDATED . . . whether the U.S. and more governments will focus their nation’s economic priorities on a cleaner energy future and a healthier environment with a carbon tax or cap and trade program seems as bleak as ever. But for how much longer? If you know of others, help me keep track here of […]

Manage climate risks with this framework – whether you’re a believer or not

Whether one believes in the threats of a changing climate, or not, businesses are sticking their heads in the sand if they don’t at least acknowledge some degree of risk and manage it accordingly. I find it almost impossible to believe how corporate officers, policymakers, insurers, many investors and coastal property owners – to name […]

Benefits of an independent safety center for oil and gas hydraulic fracturing

If safety truly is a priority for companies producing oil and gas using hydraulic fracturing, they should match their words with genuine safeguards that the public and regulators could see and understand. The nuclear industry has long been working to improve safety of utility-owned nuclear power plants under the auspices of the Institute of Nuclear […]

BP oil spill: when will regulators have the will & capacity to overcome ‘systemic’ causes?

Despite the root causes and that experts envision the oil spell recurring if significant correction action is not taken, the Macando oil well blowout  will likely fade from the Obama reform agenda because the oil industry is getting its way — again. This shouldn’t come as surprise given what money buys in Washington. Despite the […]

Blizzards and climate change – stop trying to connect those dots

The harder climate change believers try to blame blizzards such as this week’s Nor’easter on global warming or climate change, the more muddied the debate becomes and more difficult it is to make a case for action. While there appears to be a very long-term connection between the severity of weather events and climate change, […]

Chevron’s “We Agree” – what’s the point, really?

Does it make sense for a major oil company to try casting itself far beyond its core business, especially if the subject of an ad campaign represents a miniscule % of gross revenues and earnings? After BP tried to go “Beyond Petroleum,”  Chevron is increasing the stakes of its expensive “We Agree” bid to paint […]