To export LNG or not? If so, how much is prudent?

President Obama is preparing to decide how much liquified natural gas (LNG) from the the U.S. boom in shale natural gas production it makes sense to export. Economically and geo-politically a LOT hangs in the balance. If Obama’s first term on energy was mostly about incentivizing renewable energy, his second term is all about whether […]

EPA’s tests of groundwater near WY natural gas drilling sites: shoddy science or cause for concern?

When the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency released the latest follow-up tests of water surrounding natural-gas-drilling sites near Pavillion, Wyo., October 10, they appeared to confirm how water can be contaminated by hydraulic fracturing. The operator of the gas field in question, Encana Corp., last week re-asserted it is not responsible for any chemicals found and […]

Shale gas producers’ first stabs at ‘standards’ & ‘practices’: how much do they reduce accident risk?

That’s at least one question on this blogger’s mind. One cannot help but note the absence of “best practices” because, well, they aren’t, at least not yet. Can they be? I, for one, am willing to believe the industry CAN produce bonafide best practices. But there needs to be sufficient input from from a variety […]

Benefits of an independent safety center for oil and gas hydraulic fracturing

If safety truly is a priority for companies producing oil and gas using hydraulic fracturing, they should match their words with genuine safeguards that the public and regulators could see and understand. The nuclear industry has long been working to improve safety of utility-owned nuclear power plants under the auspices of the Institute of Nuclear […]

America, with Canada’s help, could be within 15 years of energy self-sufficiency — for liquid fuels

“Energy self-sufficiency” is not the same thing as the politically popular and wholly unrealistic notion of “energy independence”. But it might be doable by 2026 for the United States. So says the President and CEO of the the ‘Big Oil’ lobby, the American Petroleum Institute (API).  During his annual energy policy speech December 4, API […]

As fingerpointing over Solyndra rages, ‘green’ jobs push has run out of ‘gas’

With Solyndra executives take the Fifth Amendment to escape scrutiny form Congressional investigators, the ‘open’ season on Federal loan guarantees means any credible push for green jobs has run its course. That said, any continued finger-pointing holds opportunities and risks for both Democrats and the GOP. If the GOP pushes too hard to make an […]