FAST FIX: U.S. budget office finds producing more domestic oil won’t minimize pain at pump; using less will

From what relatively little attention a report by the U.S. Congressional Budget Office on energy security received last month, one conclusion jumps out at us here at The Energy Fix. We’ve pasted it in below, along with the most relevant infographic. “Policies that promoted greater production of oil in the United States would probably not […]

America, with Canada’s help, could be within 15 years of energy self-sufficiency — for liquid fuels

“Energy self-sufficiency” is not the same thing as the politically popular and wholly unrealistic notion of “energy independence”. But it might be doable by 2026 for the United States. So says the President and CEO of the the ‘Big Oil’ lobby, the American Petroleum Institute (API).  During his annual energy policy speech December 4, API […]

Natural gas and renewables – a political AND energy fix this time around?

Put these pieces of America’s, if not the world’s, energy puzzle together and one could see a political AND energy fix combining a lot more natural gas-fueled transportation along with renewable sources of electricity and electric vehicles. As U.S. gasoline prices lurch toward $5 per gallon and Americans are reminded this ‘Earth Week’ of the […]

Strategic Petroleum Reserve: leak risk complicates draw down options

Oil prices bump up over $100 per barrel and here come the mounting, knee-jerk, calls to draw down a portion of the 726 million barrels of crude oil stored in salt caverns in Texas and Louisiana. If they think the unrest in Libya is an emergency deserving of a draw-down, they’d better check their grasp […]

$100 oil is coming – how high will it go?

As oil prices approached $92-a-barrel, several reports point to oil prices rising above $100 per barrel and $4-per-gallon gasoline in some parts of the country this winter. The reasons include: 1. The Federal Reserve pumping money into the economy. “There’s really not a whole lot keeping the price of crude oil from going above $100 […]