Bloomberg to natural gas industry: stop resisting sensible regulations, join with renewables

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg used the 2013 ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit near Washington, DC to prod the oil and gas industry to stop resisting efforts to forge “sensible” regulations. “We need sound regulation and we need it soon,” he said. While he’s been on the bandwagon for enabling responsible hydraulic fracturing for natural […]

Petty politics defeats wind offshore Maryland. Can a third bid succeed? Will Gov. O’Malley even try?

“Petty political grudges” in Maryland’s Senate Finance Committee are to blame for the failure of the General Assembly to establish the mechanism to incent and pay for one of the first networks of offshore wind turbines anywhere off a U.S. coastline. That’s the way Chesapeake Climate Action Network Executive Director Mike Tidwell put it in […]

Can Maryland spin any wind turbines off its coast after setbacks in New Jersey and Delaware?

Offshore wind has two strikes against it in New Jersey and Delaware. Cape Wind off Massachusetts’ Nantucket Sound is fighting to stay alive in extra innings. Now Maryland is trying to get ‘on base’ with a second bid by Governor Martin O’Malley which is halfway toward approval (at this writing) by the state’s General Assembly. […]

Offshore Renewable Energy Credits – ORECs – the key to wind power along U.S. East Coast?

Following a path carved by the solar industry, developers of offshore wind energy projects along the Mid-Atlantic U.S. coast are closing in on one model to finance the multi-billion dollar systems they aspire to build. The developers envision a process that will earn one renewable energy credit for every 1,000 kilowatt hours (or 1 megawatt […]

Exelon’s bid for Constellation Energy: how real is the pledge to efficiency, EV’s and renewable energy in Maryland?

In the press release announcing its planned $7.9 billion acquisition of Baltimore, Maryland-based Constellation Energy, Chicago-based Exelon promised to spend $64 million over several years to spur energy efficiency, electric vehicle and renewable energy initiatives in Maryland. When pressed for details this week about one of the largest U.S. utility mergers ever, however, company spokesman […]

New Jersey, Virginia moving quickly to seize offshore wind opportunity

Who is gaining the upper hand in the race to become the go-to locus of wind turbine manufacturing and assembly along the mid-Atlantic coastline? New Jersey and Virginia are moving quickly to seize the increasingly likely economic development bonanza that the mid-Atlantic offshore wind energy market is becoming. The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities […]