Should Thorium Be In the Conversation About Next-Generation Nuclear Power?

There is a lot of innovative thinking about the next generation of nuclear power plants. With so many bright minds, an extensive supply chain and some far-sighted research and development work underway throughout the world, I wonder how long we’ll have to wait until a truly bigger, better, game-changing nuclear power process or technology grabs […]

New nuclear era begins in U.S. after approval of Vogtle plant in Georgia – but questions remain

How much “new” nuclear and how soon? Those are the front-of-mind questions for nuclear and many cleaner energy advocates with today’s U.S. government approval of the construction and operation of two new nuclear power reactors by Southern Company in Georgia using the “AP1000″ design by Westinghouse. The quick answer appears to be: a total of […]

‘Fuel Cycle to Nowhere’ crystallizes the few, expensive options facing U.S. Blue Ribbon Commission searching for nuclear waste solutions

NEW BOOK REVIEW The timing might not have been worse: President Obama deletes funding for the Yucca Mountain high-level nuclear waste repository in Nevada and two years later the Fukushima nuclear meltdown caused by the Japan earthquake and resulting tsunami triggers new alarms over whether nuclear power can be counted on to generate electricity safely. […]