Let’s face it, regulators won’t let U.S. utilities die; they SHOULD update rules to better serve customers by allocating costs to those who benefit from them

The tally of utilities and governments around the world imposing or boosting fixed charges for grid-supplied electricity is rising to make up for the decline in traditional, rate-based revenue.  In the U.S. this has been due primarily to ever-improving energy efficiency and the end of year-to-year increases in electricity usage. Now, the demand curve looks […]

How About a Wiki for Clean Energy to Share Best Practices for Improving Energy Efficiency, Boosting Renewables and Reducing Emissions?

There is no shortage of ideas on how businesses, governments and households in the U.S. and other industrialized countries can become more energy efficient; same applies on how to grow cleaner supplies of energy while lowering harmful greenhouse gas emissions and doing so in ways that create sustainable jobs. There are so many ideas, in […]

Green Button approaching critical mass – 27 million households now getting access to their energy data

NOW, we’re getting somewhere with the Green Button Initiative. Nine investor-owned utilities from across the country have jumped on board enabling an updated total of about 27 million households to access their electricity usage data. This is a huge step forward for motivated consumers to better understand how they can save on their energy bills […]

When utilities sidestep renewables mandates, it undermines their credibitlity and state law

A renewable electricity rule or requirement may be on the books in states such as Virginia and Ohio but that doesn’t mean every utility in that state is going to comply with it. Take the ‘illuminating’ cases of First Energy in Ohio and utilities in Virginia, led by Dominion Virginia Power. In the Buckeye state, […]

THIS is what net metering is coming to . . . at least in Maryland

One of the benefits of owning a solar photovoltaic system in certain states is any electricity generated beyond what the system owner uses earns a credit that the owner can bank and then use to displace grid-supplied electricity. Those savings can add up reducing monthly power bills and shortening the payback period on the cost […]