Mapping Whole Communities and Homes with Thermal Images to Reduce Heat Loss

What if you could determine how much heat your home is losing, how much it’s costing you in higher energy bills and what insulation and other improvements would fix it? Oh, and you could accomplish without an energy audit, free-of-charge and from a mobile device no less? That’s the vision of Geoffrey Hay, an Associate […]

Exelon’s bid for Constellation Energy: how real is the pledge to efficiency, EV’s and renewable energy in Maryland?

In the press release announcing its planned $7.9 billion acquisition of Baltimore, Maryland-based Constellation Energy, Chicago-based Exelon promised to spend $64 million over several years to spur energy efficiency, electric vehicle and renewable energy initiatives in Maryland. When pressed for details this week about one of the largest U.S. utility mergers ever, however, company spokesman […]

The demand response holy grail: are your commercial facility managers ‘PROsumers’?

To hear some industry pros explain it, only about 5% of all commercial buildings in the U.S. have achieved, or are about to achieve, what Siemens considers to be the “holy grail” of energy demand response management. These are facilities owned by companies that are not only holistically integrating sustainability into their operations and culture […]

LEED-raters begin pilot test of buildings able to respond to peak power demands

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) is testing a new credit for its Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system that earns points for buildings that have installed automated demand response tools. Buildings satisfy the credit by demonstrating their ability to shift energy consumption by at least 10 percent of peak load demand. […]