Fugitive methane emissions: the achilles’ heal of the natural gas push?

Buoyed by low prices, environmental benefits and thousands of newly created jobs, the push to produce more natural gas in the U.S. is reaching its stride thanks largely to horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing. But do we understand the implications, some of which might negate the environmental gains? The answer to many objective analysts is: […]

Shale gas ‘golden rules’ from the IEA – will enough of the industry engage? And how?

Lest there be any doubt, the call for understandable rules, regulations and disclosure requirements for the hydraulic fracturing of unconventional natural gas (aka fracking) from shale deposits deep underground is gaining steam not just in the U.S. but throughout much of the industrialized world. Now comes the International Energy Agency with its “Golden Rules for […]

Try your hand at National Geographic’s 2011 Energy News Quiz

Time for something different  . . .  from a source you may not be familiar with, at least about energy: hat’s off to National Geographic magazine. Try your own hand at these 10 questions, without searching for the answers. “Great Energy Challenge” 2011 News Quiz questions (answers at the end of this post): 1. How […]

Are tough economic times and disaster warnings undermining the IEA’s credibility?

The International Energy Agency is urging nations to scrap traditional fuel subsidies and replace them with “transparent, predictable and adaptive incentives for cleaner, more efficient energy options.” Despite the dramatic imbalance between the two — $312 billion US versus $57 billion — economically challenged industrial countries and the fastest growing developing countries don’t seem to […]