FAST FIX: Cyber security expert Alan Paller questions security of U.S. power grid

Alan Paller, a prominent cyber security authority at the Maryland-based SANS Institute who leads the widely-used Internet Storm Center, was asked during a recent presentation to a Google-sponsored Maryland Cybersecurity Seminar in College Park, MD how he rates the security of the U.S. power grid. On a scale of “1″ to “10″, with 10 being […]

Smart Grids may make U.S. more vulnerable to electromagnetic pulses from solar flares or a terrorist attack

While the U.S. Congress, President Obama and the Tea Party wrangle over debt ceilings and deficit spending, a far more potent threat looms as a growing number of intelligence experts warn of how a massive solar flare or a nuclear missile detonated above the United States could kill wipe out the power grid, disable consumer […]

Stuxnet the ‘first unattributable act of war’? Or a tool of modern statecraft?

Vanity Fair writer Michael Joseph Gross, in the magazine’s April issue, tags the “Stuxnet” malware invasion of Iran’s Natanz nuclear enrichment facility in 2010 the ‘first unattributable act of war.’ While this might be hyperbole, it helps to heighten awareness of how vulnerable control systems that help operate nuclear power plants and other industrial systems […]