Federal Court’s Upholding EPA on Greenhouse Gases Boosts Opportunity for Hybrids and Power from Renewables and Natural Gas

A federal appeals court has done for natural gas and renewable sources of electricity that no executive branch stimulus package could ever hope to do: raise the bar higher still to justify building another coal-fired power plant in the U.S. The same can be said in favor of hybrid and all-electric passenger cars. Now that […]

Coal’s health costs at least $140 billion per year: ‘heads in the sand’

How many credible studies will it take before elected officials and regulators acknowledge that coal has a quantifiable, net negative, impact on the health of human beings and the U.S. economy? The latest study, from the Harvard Medical School’s Center for Health and the Global Environment does a credible and persuasive job of estimating the […]

2 years later, TN coal ash debacle still a long way from real cleanup

Three days before Christmas in 2008, approximately 1 billion gallons of coal ash sludge near a federally-owned Tennessee Valley Authority power plant in Kingston, Tennessee overwhelmed an 84-acre containment facility flooding a wide swath of the bucolic countryside.  Two years later, it is very difficult for objective observers to envision how TVA will “make good” […]

Canceling dirty coal plants buoyed by low natural gas prices

Whether through regulations enforced by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency or efforts by  activists including the Sierra Club, working to cancel old or yet-to-be-built coal-fired power plants is proving to be a leading way of reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions. With climate legislation dead in Congress and the international COP 16 climate talks underway in Cancun, Mexico […]