Shale gas ‘golden rules’ from the IEA – will enough of the industry engage? And how?

Lest there be any doubt, the call for understandable rules, regulations and disclosure requirements for the hydraulic fracturing of unconventional natural gas (aka fracking) from shale deposits deep underground is gaining steam not just in the U.S. but throughout much of the industrialized world. Now comes the International Energy Agency with its “Golden Rules for […]

Low natural gas prices are driving coal gasification out of business

Here we have yet another example of less expensive energy trumping efforts not only to use home-grown energy but technologies built and designed by local or regional companies that create local jobs. What toll this trend will take on America’s clean energy landscape already is being felt wherever cleaner energy policies were enacted. How much a recovering economy and slow this trend is front-of-mind for just about everybody in the clean tech space.

Shale gas producers’ first stabs at ‘standards’ & ‘practices’: how much do they reduce accident risk?

That’s at least one question on this blogger’s mind. One cannot help but note the absence of “best practices” because, well, they aren’t, at least not yet. Can they be? I, for one, am willing to believe the industry CAN produce bonafide best practices. But there needs to be sufficient input from from a variety […]