Sprint-ing, not walking, the ‘talk’ to achieve sustainability goals

It’s becoming more clear every day that cleaner energy and environmental sustainability depends on private industry. The expiration of many renewable energy incentives, zero prospects for a U.S. carbon tax or a cap and trade program, restraints on public spending and the low price and growing supplies of natural gas are putting commitments to renewable […]

Benefits of an independent safety center for oil and gas hydraulic fracturing

If safety truly is a priority for companies producing oil and gas using hydraulic fracturing, they should match their words with genuine safeguards that the public and regulators could see and understand. The nuclear industry has long been working to improve safety of utility-owned nuclear power plants under the auspices of the Institute of Nuclear […]

Commodity risks – how energy suppliers manage them can make a big difference to markets and customers

More than a decade after the Enron debacle, one would think managing an energy company’s risks is a widely-agreed upon practice with similar types of standards. Yet with the ongoing volatility in oil and natural gas prices, accidents and ‘Acts of God’ that just keep happening and the growing interdependence in commercial markets on other […]

How a company fracks for natural gas determines its corporate social responsibility

As energy producers find more natural gas from shale formations throughout the U.S. and the price of natural gas continues to fall it should be no surprise that a debate looms over how a company fracks for natural gas and whether it is socially responsible. On its face, with sufficient operational and risk controls in […]

Petty politics defeats wind offshore Maryland. Can a third bid succeed? Will Gov. O’Malley even try?

“Petty political grudges” in Maryland’s Senate Finance Committee are to blame for the failure of the General Assembly to establish the mechanism to incent and pay for one of the first networks of offshore wind turbines anywhere off a U.S. coastline. That’s the way Chesapeake Climate Action Network Executive Director Mike Tidwell put it in […]