Can Maryland spin any wind turbines off its coast after setbacks in New Jersey and Delaware?

Offshore wind has two strikes against it in New Jersey and Delaware. Cape Wind off Massachusetts’ Nantucket Sound is fighting to stay alive in extra innings. Now Maryland is trying to get ‘on base’ with a second bid by Governor Martin O’Malley which is halfway toward approval (at this writing) by the state’s General Assembly. […]

FAST FIX: single biggest emitter of CO2 in the U.S.? Scherer coal plant in Georgia

The Scherer complex of four coal-burning power plants near Macon, GA, co-owned and operated by Georgia Power, is the single largest emitter of carbon dioxide in the United States, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. It spewed almost 23 million tons of CO2 in 2010. According to Natural History magazine, it ranked as the 20th in […]

Capturing carbon and selling it: Marc Gunther’s e-book is both inspiring and a reality-check

Author Marc Gunther has a new e-book — Suck It Up — that does an excellent job of spotlighting and explaining technologies with the potential for capturing carbon dioxide in the air and selling it to end-users who need more of it. Because CO2 exists everywhere in the atmosphere, one trick to building a sustainable […]

Green Button approaching critical mass – 27 million households now getting access to their energy data

NOW, we’re getting somewhere with the Green Button Initiative. Nine investor-owned utilities from across the country have jumped on board enabling an updated total of about 27 million households to access their electricity usage data. This is a huge step forward for motivated consumers to better understand how they can save on their energy bills […]

Tariffs on China’s solar panels don’t change what’s needed from U.S. energy and industrial policies

Of all the assertions made by parties on both sides of the heightening debate about China’s subsidies of its solar panel manufacturing companies one reality should be more clear with each passing day: At the heart of the race for solar manufacturing leadership are the shortcomings of  energy policies that could  help consumers invest more […]

Consumer energy data from the ‘Green Button’: how long before adoptions match the hype?

The White House wants it. Some California utilities get it. But will more than a few U.S. utilities sign on to help ratepayers better understand how they use electricity with one-click access to their data? One year after the Obama Administration began talking about the idea, and in the roughly six months since it formally […]

Communicating the energy efficiency and $ savings of Philips’ L-Prize award-winning LED light bulb: electricity prices and rebates matter

Even before a major push to mass market LED (light-emitting diode) bulbs can be found on retailers’ shelves in U.S. markets in April, there is confusion over their purported $50 price tag and what consumers ultimately will pay. Judging by one attempt, even the newspaper of record in the U.S. capital — The Washington Post […]

FAST FIX: Cyber security expert Alan Paller questions security of U.S. power grid

Alan Paller, a prominent cyber security authority at the Maryland-based SANS Institute who leads the widely-used Internet Storm Center, was asked during a recent presentation to a Google-sponsored Maryland Cybersecurity Seminar in College Park, MD how he rates the security of the U.S. power grid. On a scale of “1″ to “10″, with 10 being […]