What a third-party presidential candidate could do for U.S. energy policy 2013 and beyond

The shallow debates and partisan bickering even with the Republican Party does not bode well for a thoughtful, forward-looking evolution of U.S. energy policy after President Obama’s first term. With his administration scaling back commitments to cleaner energy and falling far short of substantive steps to end the “tyranny” of crude oil as he put […]

When utilities sidestep renewables mandates, it undermines their credibitlity and state law

A renewable electricity rule or requirement may be on the books in states such as Virginia and Ohio but that doesn’t mean every utility in that state is going to comply with it. Take the ‘illuminating’ cases of First Energy in Ohio and utilities in Virginia, led by Dominion Virginia Power. In the Buckeye state, […]

Fresh messages, new language needed to achieve sustainable energy future; when’s the inflection point?

Advocates of a more sustainable energy future can blame Solyndra, Al Gore, President Obama, James Hansen, Bill McKibben or environmental interests groups such as the 350.org, Natural Resources Defense Council, Greenpeace and the Sierra Club. The fact is a growing number of, if not most, “green” initiatives are not likely to achieve their missions of […]

Honda boosting its push in the U.S. consumer clean transportation sweepstakes with its 2012 ‘Civic Natural Gas’

Straight from its manufacturing and assembly plant southwest of Indianapolis, Indiana in the U.S., Honda is stocking dealers with a 2012 version of its Civic fueled by compressed natural gas (CNG). It officially goes on sale Tuesday, Oct. 18 in some or all of the 36 states listed below, representing a major expansion of Honda’s […]

Best Buy aiming to demystify home energy with services launching today in Chicago, SF and Houston

Striving to become U.S. consumers’ “home energy department” store with a “Geek Squad” for energy appliances and software applications, Best Buy Senior Vice President Neil McPhail kicked off the company’s move to become the go-to resource for understanding, controlling and reducing consumption while “maximizing” their lifestyle. Stores in Chicago, Houston and San Francisco are in […]

Solar-powered, net-zero energy homes demonstrate mainstream appeal at U.S. Solar Decathlon

Led by the University of Maryland and Purdue University, the 2011 version of the U.S. Solar Decathlon demonstrated how high-tech energy and common sense are going mainstream, all while zeroing out electricity consumption from the grid. Every step of the way participating students — and perhaps elected officials — garnered valuable lessons for the U.S. […]