U.S. real estate listings are spotlighting renewable energy systems and high-performing homes

Homeowners choosing to generate some of their own electricity with renewable energy systems are benefiting from how the Multiple Regional Information Service (MRIS) spotlights these features in homes it lists for sale in the Mid-Atlantic U.S. region. While home searchers have been kept in the dark about such features by the initial form online that […]

Energy: now a national security priority for ALL the armed forces

For the first time, “energy” is a distinct military program or capability at the Pentagon — on par with troops, weapons and cyber skill sets. And with its just unveiled “Operational Energy Strategy” there is hope this ambitious blueprint could trigger significant new efficiency innovations in vehicles and deployment of onsite renewable sources of electricity. […]

First Big Oil, now ethanol – are wind, solar, nuclear subsidies next to come under fire?

The answer to THAT question determines how much life subsidies for corn-based ethanol have in the U.S. And the clock may be ticking on other subsidies. As fiscal pressures mount, both politically and financially, it is becoming increasingly difficult to defend the 45-cent-a-gallon subsidy to refiners and a 54-cent-per-gallon tariff on imported sugarcane ethanol. Together, […]

Calculating the REAL cost of major energy sources – who has a credible model?

EDITORIAL The Energy Fix appeals to credible economic modelers to devise a means to calculate the real cost of energy sources. This includes assigning dollar costs that don’t exist yet but if they did, would help energy users and policymakers around the world grasp the benefits of moving to more sustainable sources of electricity and […]

U.S. EPA app challenge holds promise, but will developers deliver?

The paucity of information and data available to U.S. citizens about the economic, environmental and health risks, consequences, costs and benefits of all forms of energy is a major impediment to an energy-literate society. More data and more information accessible on the Web and mobile devices almost certainly can help address this conundrum. Comes now […]

Taxing carbon: Congress and Maryland won’t so Montgomery County is trying

The 4th District Court of Appeals in Richmond, Virginia holds the key to a first-of-its-kind attempt by Montgomery County, Maryland to place a $5-per-ton tax on emissions from the predominantly coal-fired Mirant Corp. power plant in the county. Because it is the only large source of carbon emissions in the county that would be liable […]

Communities finding ways to go solar – together

Groups of solar-savvy Americans are finding ways to buy into a solar electric system by using power-purchase agreements, remote metering and other tools to supply power to a community organization. In a growing number of cases where these systems produce more power than the facility needs, they can earn a credit the net additional amount […]