Tracking REAL MPGs is getting easier and more accurate

With the release of the new fuel economy labels by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy, inquiring motorists are learning about the online tools to track and interpret the actual miles per gallon of the vehicles they drive. Registering for a “Garage” account here sets drivers up to record for each fuel […]

New Jersey Gov. Christie says he has a better way than RGGI to cut carbon emissions

That’s the conclusion one could reach after New Jersey Governor Chris Christie announced the Garden State is withdrawing from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, or RGGI. If he’s right, he may be on to something because he asserted there are better ways to fight global warming, which he says is real and caused by humans. […]

Acquisition of Massey Energy, worker pacts cloud compensation for victims of West Virginia coal mine disaster

The release of the long-awaited independent probe of the Upper Big Branch mine explosion in West Virginia that killed 29 workers last year may have produced predictable accusations and proposed fixes to ignored mine safety practices and lax regulatory enforcement. But it overshadows the June 1 deadline for families of many of the victim to […]

Tax toxins – not carbon dioxide – from coal-fired power plants

Buried inside Robert Bryce’s relatively new book entitled Power Hungry is a call to “aggressively pursue taxes or caps on the emissions of neurotoxins, particularly those that come from burning coal” to generate electricity such as mercury and lead. This is notable not because Bryce agrees with many environmental and human health experts, but also […]