Never mind. Boehner backs away from reassessing oil subsidies

You won’t find this easily in media reports and certainly not on the House Speaker’s web site. But you can find Boehner backpedaling about his comments Monday that oil companies are partly to blame for high gasoline prices and that oil tax breaks are “certainly something we should be looking at” here on Mr. […]

It’s about time: GOP House leader Boehner signals willingness to cut oil, coal subsidies

EDITORIAL The move by U.S. House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner to thrust $3.6 billion in annual tax breaks benefiting producers of fossil fuels represents a possible sea-change in the nation’s energy priorities. Boehner’s comments in an interview on ABC News Monday night could reduce the huge gap between subsidies for oil, coal and natural […]

Natural gas and renewables – a political AND energy fix this time around?

Put these pieces of America’s, if not the world’s, energy puzzle together and one could see a political AND energy fix combining a lot more natural gas-fueled transportation along with renewable sources of electricity and electric vehicles. As U.S. gasoline prices lurch toward $5 per gallon and Americans are reminded this ‘Earth Week’ of the […]

Are tough economic times and disaster warnings undermining the IEA’s credibility?

The International Energy Agency is urging nations to scrap traditional fuel subsidies and replace them with “transparent, predictable and adaptive incentives for cleaner, more efficient energy options.” Despite the dramatic imbalance between the two — $312 billion US versus $57 billion — economically challenged industrial countries and the fastest growing developing countries don’t seem to […]

U.S. is slipping farther back in the clean energy race and not just to China

According to The Pew Charitable Trusts, the U.S. is losing the race to create the most robust clean energy economy not just to China but now also to Germany. This among the G-20 nations based on the amount of private equity investment in dollar-equivalent numbers. The U.S. ranked #1 through 2008. If you look at […]

No joke – Dominion Resources converting 3 coal plants to burn biomass

Moving to reduce its often controversial coal footprint, Dominion Virginia Power in the U.S. says it will convert three of its coal-fired generating plants to burn wood waste in biomass plants that qualify as renewable sources of electricity. Virginia Power will burn the residue of branches and limbs left on the ground after a forest’s trees have […]