U.S. Marines now have their own energy strategy, led by self-sufficiency

The first-ever U.S. Marine Corps energy strategy serves as a model not just for the U.S. armed forces but for the cultural sea-change needed to reduce the growing risks, skyrocketing costs and the number of lives sacrificed due to America’s dependency on fossil fuels. A new ethos that equates the efficient use of energy (including […]

U.S. EPA monitors showing Fukushima radiation reaching Pennsylvania, Massachusetts

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has issued the following notice of higher-than-normal background radiation detected in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts: “As a result of the incident with the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan, several EPA air monitors have detected very low levels of radioactive material in the United States consistent with estimates from the damaged nuclear […]

Defang the EPA on the Clean Air Act, or not? The answer is coming…

The U.S. Senate is preparing to vote on legislation that would take away the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s authority to regulate harmful greenhouse gas emissions under the Clean Air Act. President Obama opposes it. EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson has gone so far as to call the maneuver “draconian.” Companion legislation is slated for a vote […]

Stuxnet the ‘first unattributable act of war’? Or a tool of modern statecraft?

Vanity Fair writer Michael Joseph Gross, in the magazine’s April issue, tags the “Stuxnet” malware invasion of Iran’s Natanz nuclear enrichment facility in 2010 the ‘first unattributable act of war.’ While this might be hyperbole, it helps to heighten awareness of how vulnerable control systems that help operate nuclear power plants and other industrial systems […]

Innovation policy more impactful on climate than a price on carbon

That’s the interesting conclusion of a report out today from The Information Technology & Innovation Foundation, a Washington, DC-based think tank that focuses on “conceiving and promoting the new ways of thinking about technology-driven productivity, competitiveness, and globalization that the 21st century demands.” While the report may contain a few grains of truth policymakers can […]

Projecting renewable energy costs should be easier and more accurate

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has developed a tool  to help state regulators, energy officials and project developers analyze renewable energy project costs, develop cost-based incentives (e.g., feed-in tariffs), and evaluate the impact of tax incentives or other support structures. The Cost of Renewable Energy Spreadsheet Tool (CREST) was developed for NREL by Sustainable […]

U.S. Clean Energy Standard – chime in by April 11

U.S. Senate Energy Committee Chairman Jeff Bingaman, D-NM, and Ranking Member Lisa Murkowski of Alaska are soliciting comments on  potential design elements of a Clean Energy Standard (CES). A white paper with instructions and forms for submitting responses to six questions can be found on the Senate Energy Committee’s website here. Deadline for responses is […]

Fallout from Japan’s nuclear crisis

How will Japan fill the gap left by disabled nuclear power plants? And how will other countries with nuclear power plants react to risks posed by  GE’s boiling water reactors in earthquake-prone regions? The answers may not be known for weeks, or months. But as the earthquake damage assessments become more credible, some implications are […]

How much more full-on radiation sickness after Japan’s earthquakes and tsunami?

The potential meltdown of one or more nuclear power reactors in the tragic wake of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan proves once again how difficult it is to assess and prepare for a disasters that can affect nuclear facilities and the residents living close by. Around 7 p.m. EST U.S., The New York Times […]

A different kind of energy competition. Or is it guilt? Envy? Pride?

If you knew most of your neighbors were using 10% percent less energy on an apples-to-apples basis during the past year, how would you react? Would you drop a hint at the next neighborhood barbeque? Would you date someone who is an energy hog? A burgeoning field of data miners, software developers and social scientists […]