Nuclear Still Not Viable Without Subsidies – New Report

When critics rail against subsidies for efficiency and cleaner energy sources, one of the best rebuttals is the enormous amount of taxpayer money and other subsidies that flow into nuclear energy. On an apples-to-apples basis, the money for nuclear energy overwhelms subsidies for efficiency and clean energy sources that have no significant other costs, which […]

2011 U.S. Solar Decathlon staying on National Mall – sort of

The U.S. government is relocating its 2011 Solar Decathlon to the West Potomac Park between the Tidal Basin and the Potomac River in Washington, DC. Technically it will still take place on the National Mall. But now it will be a very long walk from its previous and far more convenient location nestled among the […]

Coal’s health costs at least $140 billion per year: ‘heads in the sand’

How many credible studies will it take before elected officials and regulators acknowledge that coal has a quantifiable, net negative, impact on the health of human beings and the U.S. economy? The latest study, from the Harvard Medical School’s Center for Health and the Global Environment does a credible and persuasive job of estimating the […]

New Jersey, Virginia moving quickly to seize offshore wind opportunity

Who is gaining the upper hand in the race to become the go-to locus of wind turbine manufacturing and assembly along the mid-Atlantic coastline? New Jersey and Virginia are moving quickly to seize the increasingly likely economic development bonanza that the mid-Atlantic offshore wind energy market is becoming. The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities […]

Push is strenthening to keep 2011 U.S. Solar Decathlon on National Mall

Might the National Park Service have double-booked the Mall for the weekend of Sept. 24-25? A master plan to rejuvenate the lawn and walkways on the U.S. National Mall  does NOT stand in the way of the long-ago scheduled 2011 Solar Decathlon solar advocates are learning today. And they are pressing hard this week through […]

Better at reducing carbon emissions? Wind energy outguns natural gas in Economist poll

Some leaders in the natural gas and the renewable energy industries might be thinking of collaborating in a new effort to reduce carbon emissions. But The Economist wanted its its readers to choose between the natural gas and wind energy and did so with a poll that ended Thursday night. The Economist asked: Will natural […]

Searching for the most compelling clean energy innovators

Wherever one looks, from China to India to Denmark to the United States, the race to innovate to a cleaner energy future is on. The more President Obama talks about clean energy nnovation the more U.S. seems to be losing the race because other nations are already very busy at this or are racing ahead. Or are they? […]