A U.S. clean energy standard could bridge partisan divide

Given the widening divide between proponents and opponents of a bonafide national renewable electricity standard / requirement, a discussion is expanding about roles for a “clean energy standard,” or CES. This trek is fraught with gamesmanship that could sully the definition of what is “clean” and what isn’t. But maybe this is moot now. A […]

Obama asking for 80% of America’s electricity from ‘clean energy’ by 2035

And 1 million electric vehicles on the road by 2015? We all heard President Obama lay out his ‘ask’ during tonight’s (January 25) State of the Union address. Without a fresh plan, new-age thinking by Congress and incentives for private companies to make cleaner energy, this is likely to be yet another request DOA. Said […]

“WindMade” as a trust mark: the uphill battle begins

Survey after survey in the U.S. shows renewable energy draws strong support. But the clean energy industries are fighting uphill battles in trying to translate that “support” into legislative and regulatory action and even better, retail sales. Getting households and businesses to purchase clean energy in states with retail choice is confronting numerous hurdles, not the least of […]

It’s time for all utilities to buy electricity under power purchase agreements

Power purchase agreements – aka “PPAs” – are an established tool for spreading the cost of energy over 20 years or longer as a means of ensuring a revenue stream for renewable energy project developers, stabilizing and predicting energy costs and displacing dirty coal with cleaner sources of electricity. The time has come in just […]

U.S. Solar Decathlon looking for new location

For reasons the Obama Administration is not disclosing, the organizers of the very popular and competitive U.S. Solar Decathlon have decided to locate the sustainable home model projects event in late September 2011 away from the National Mall — the “nation’s front yard” — where it’s been held since its inception in 2002. All the […]

BP oil spill: when will regulators have the will & capacity to overcome ‘systemic’ causes?

Despite the root causes and that experts envision the oil spell recurring if significant correction action is not taken, the Macando oil well blowout  will likely fade from the Obama reform agenda because the oil industry is getting its way — again. This shouldn’t come as surprise given what money buys in Washington. Despite the […]

‘Revenge of the Electric Car’ coming to a theatre near you?

They’re back, or coming soon. The makers of the indie film “Who Killed the Electric Car” are preparing to roll out ”Revenge of the Electric Car” to herald the resurgence of EVs. If you want to be among the first to see it this  spring or summer,  register for updates on their web site.  The timing might not be […]

Nuclear power’s renaissance retrenching, may be over

If the much ballyhooed renaissance of nuclear power is going to happen, it cannot take many more hits such as those the industry is witnessing on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland and in Wall Street models projecting future costs. Ever since Constellation Energy opted out of its part ownership of the Calvert Cliffs nuclear […]